Thursday, April 26, 2012


lilacs on my way to work. i love them.
a long walk
we saw the twilight sad at chelsea. i was totally mesmerised by the lead singer. i couldn't take my eyes away from him. i've never seen someone that close perform with such passion, and well, as if they were almost possessed or in a trance.

i've had quite a traumatic (for me) dentist experience this week. i have quite an irrational fear of the dentist (i'm not alone i know) but i got myself worked up into quite a mess over a root canal and procedure to remove part of the root and infection. i now have a swollen and bruised cheek *sad face*

but i'm excited because tonight we fly home to attend our friends wedding on saturday! it is going to be beautiful and so much fun. lets just hope i don't still look like a hamster by then!

Monday, April 23, 2012

lazy weekend

this weekend mainly revolved around cooking, eating and watching tv. so a pretty typical uneventful weekend for me really. oh, but i did manage to have a mini clear out of my wardrobe (it badly needed it) and do some ironing which had been piled up since we returned from our holiday over 6 weeks ago (there is still some left to do. ironing sucks).

our only venture outside of the apartment was to the supermarket and to a small local market that has recently started up called fasanmarkt. it is here that we bought the amazing cheese and pumpkin topped rolls. i might have to make a weekly visit there on saturday mornings just for those.

Monday, April 16, 2012

the weekend

some random images from my weekend (including the rather embarrassingly awful one of me as i'm finishing my leg of the relay marathon and double high-fiving my work colleague!). i managed to run my part without stopping once so i was rather chuffed plus our relay team ran the fastest time out of the four teams competing from my office! yay!

the place with the beautiful tiled ceiling is called corbaci and is in the museums quartier. the food you can see is potato goulash. it was yummy! i do love potato.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

easter weekend

i wish the weather had been this nice all weekend, but all these photos were taken on monday. the rest of the weekend was very grey, cold and damp, but it meant we got to be very lazy at home without feeling too guilty!

we did start the weekend with a lovely meal out on friday night at flein (finally got to try it out! i've wanted to go there for ages). it's a lovely simple rustic place with friendly good service. i can't wait to go back in the summer and dine in the garden.

on sunday i tried to go for a run in preparation for the relay marathon this coming sunday (yep. it is now 3 days away and i've barely trained! EEK). but it wasn't very successful at all. in fact i think i ran about 5 minutes before i stopped in a huff. running is really not my thing. can someone please remind me of this next time someone tries to convince me to take part in a run?

on monday we took a slow stroll along the canal towards the city, walked through stadtpark to see the ducks that badger loves, and then on into the city (where i met a friend to see the iron lady at the cinema). a great long weekend with lots of malteser munching involved!

and now another weekend is almost here!

Monday, April 2, 2012

weekend at home

some rainbow tulips from the supermarket to brighten up the place.

we've been listening to the new the twilight sad album called 'no one can ever know'. it's brilliant. the band are playing in vienna in a few weeks and i'm really excited to see them.

a section from a painting by mixed media artist ben allen called 'built to love'. kev bought the print for me as an amazing birthday gift a few years ago. amazing is such a great word.

i'm currently reading the fountainhead by ayn rand and loving it. i wasn't sure before i started as people had told me such mixed things about the book. but it has totally drawn me in and i'm engrossed. good thing really as it's over 700 pages long! i love the cover image by tamara de lempicka.

we killed another plant. it's looking rather sorry for itself.