Tuesday, July 31, 2012

my weekend

we rented a house with four friends in burgenland not far from the neusiedlersee this past weekend. we enjoyed lots of local wine (some of which we brought home with us!), we visited the lake at podersdorf am see, we cooked a huge BBQ (with enough meat to feed the whole street!) and we saw the most spectacular storm that lit up the entire sky. it really was lovely.

Monday, July 30, 2012

some big news

okay, so yep... i have some news. something i've been wanting to post for a few weeks but i think i have been putting it off. so now i'm just gonna come out and say that kev and i will be leaving vienna and moving back to england at the end of august. it has happened a bit out of the blue and it all still feels a little unreal at the moment (even though it is now less than 5 weeks away. YIKES).

i guess if i'm honest i'm feeling quite mixed emotions about everything. i love brighton and i miss family and friends and so its exciting to be moving back, but i'm really going to miss vienna. i feel like i have finally settled into a life here and now we are leaving. there is so much to think about and it feels a little overwhelming to say the least!

so there, i've said it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

my weekend

we had some friends visiting and so we did a little sightseeing in vienna, ate lunch at li's cooking at the naschmarkt (mine was the very tasty spicy thai style noodles), and then the afternoon turned into a rather long (and fun) beer session at naschmarkt deli. the weekend was gone in a flash. can somebody bring it back, please?

(oh, and sorry for the absence. i'm not sure what i've been doing?)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

my weekend

we did so much this past weekend! i am totally knackered but it was so much fun. friends came to stay with us (actually the couple who got married the weekend before) and we enjoyed showing them vienna in the summer (even though it was mega hot and we all nearly melted).

one of the highlights for me was seeing rufus wainwright perform at the vienna state opera (wiener staatsoper) on friday night. he really was AMAZING (but i'm still rather distraught that i forgot my camera and so sadly i have no pictures of inside the opera house).

we ate A LOT. and bad stuff. but goood. the mohn (poppy seed) and haselnuss (hazelnut) ice cream from eis greissler is my absolute favourite (i also posted about the ice cream shop back last year).

i'm eating salads salads salads for the rest of the week!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

a weekend in brighton

so we were back in england at the weekend in our home town for a wedding. the wedding was a lot of fun. it was lovely catching up with old friends (i have known the bride since i was 7 years old!).

during the weekend i got to see the sea! we ate traditional full english breakfast. we shopped. we spent time with family. we enjoyed a sunday night in one of our favourite pubs with great friends.

the photos are quite deceiving because they don't show you how cold it was! it has been scorching in vienna lately with temperatures over 30 degrees (and not cooling down at night. i'm currently flaked out on the sofa typing this) but in brighton it was 15 degrees. i'm not sure which i prefer at the moment!