Monday, January 31, 2011

last day of freedom

i went to cupcakes wien on josefstädter straße on friday after my haircut (which was a success by the way. i still have hair and i like it!). i was a bit overwhelmed by the choice and panic chose this mint chocolate one (maybe i was tempted by the bit of after eight on the top?) but the topping was a bit rich for me. i think cupcakes always look nicer than they taste (but that might just be me? i'm more of a savoury person than a cake/chocolate kinda girl). its a cute place though.

so today has been my last day of freedom before i re-enter the big bad world of work. eek. i keep having a panic every time i think about it so i'm trying not to think about it.

i've been reflecting on how well my new year resolutions have gone over the past month....

* first up... lose 12lbs. this will make you laugh. i weighed myself this morning and i'm actually heavier than i was at the beginning of january. HA.
* exercise. i went running 3 times (maybe 4)... does that count?
* take lots of photographs and learn how to use my camera. yep, still working on this! i have a book for dummies... i just need to read it and practice
* learn german. i registered for an evening class today. start 1st march. woo!
* set myself some creative projects. er, i made a bracelet?!
* continue to read a book a month (or more). currently reading my 5th book of the year!
* be better at keeping in touch with friends and family. hmmmm.... yeah, i'm still rubbish at this. but trying.
* cook lots of new recipes. i tried out a new simple recipe on friday. post to follow!
* find a job. i start a new job tomorrow. hurrah!

okay, i think i've got a lot to work on... but there are some positive steps in the right direction!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

food lately

i seem to have really healthy days and then really BAD days. like yesterday, when i ate 2 cheese topped rolls, half a large bag of fizzy cola bottles and a kitkat senses in about 10 minutes flat (no lie). i then felt rather ill. i need to get thinking about what healthy things i can take to work for lunch. i'm kinda bored... and i can't remember what i used to eat at work?

i can't seem to get motivated today. i really do get so frustrated with myself sometimes! the dark, grey... and well, freezing weather doesn't help i suppose (its -1 outside today). i'm feeling quite anxious about starting my new job next week. i guess its quite normal. but after not working for 11 months and spending half of that time complaining that i'm lonely and have too much time on my hands... i'm beginning to panic now that that time is being taken away from me! its true what they say, you always want what you don't have.

i'm having my haircut tomorrow for the first time in vienna (the last few times i went to the hairdressers on visits back to the UK because i was too scared to go here!). it now hasn't been cut for 6 months... and well, it looks terrible. i'm really rather nervous!

oh and i desperately NEED this camera. like now. i've wanted a diana f+ or diana mini camera for ages.... but seriously, how amazing is the cute cloud design. eep!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


taken on monday. the snow has now been mostly washed away by the sleet/rain.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

delicious monster

i love the name of this restaurant (although why its written in english and not german i don't know?). after my huge long walk yesterday i needed a huge lunch to satisfy my (rather huge) hunger so i went to delicious monster. i've walked by this place so many times but had never made it inside. finally i got to try it out and i wasn't disappointed! i went for the 'italian' burger (with sundried tomatoes, olives, prosciutto and parmesan) served in a ciabatta and a side order of homemade fries. and oh my, it was pretty amazing! soooo tasty. i wanted to take more photos because i really like the decor too (lots of colourful art) but i was a little shy (it was really busy and i was alone). hopefully next time i'll take more pictures! although now i've discovered how good this place is i'm concerned there might not be a next time for a while. they are only open monday to friday and close at 6pm. WHAT??!!

snowy monday walk

we woke up yesterday to a snow covered vienna and blue skies. i must have walked for miles and miles. some familiar places and some new places too. it was beautiful.

*the smoking chimney is coming from the heating plant (in 9th district) which was redesigned by the artist friedensreich hundertwasser. its such an interesting building. i visited his museum back here.

Monday, January 24, 2011

celebratory dinner

as a treat kev booked dinner for us on saturday night at aux gazelles brasserie to celebrate my new job (which i start on 1st february btw). we started the evening with the vie en rose cocktail (champagne with grenadine and rose water) which was a great way to kick off the night!
complimentary appetiser was houmous with plenty of bread (yum!).
starter for me was a moroccan flavoured fish soup. the broth was very light and tasty.
kev chose the calf's liver with brioche.
for main we shared the special for 2 which was couscous with beef, shrimp, chicken and sausage (meat fest!). we really enjoyed it. obviously it wasn't as authentic or as amazing as the couscous we experienced at riad le calife in fes, morocco (which is contender for one of the most AMAZING meals i've ever eaten) but it was good all the same.
i was too full for dessert but kev ordered the berry tart with vanilla cream (which was more like a light vanilla custard). i did actually end up eating a few mouthfuls! 
we ended the evening in the bar with a refreshing mojito (forgot to take a photo. i was too busy enjoying my drink!). the whole evening was lovely. we had a whole spacious booth in the restaurant to ourselves and the staff were friendly and attentive. its a good place to go if you're craving some moroccan flavours or to simply enjoy a cocktail at the bar.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

the language of beer

elif: 'i speak beer'

me: 'thats a great language'


(friday night at 1516)

Friday, January 21, 2011

i am the worlds worst table football player (possibly)

i ended up going out last night (which was a good thing as it was freeeeezing in the apartment). i met a lovely girl called ellen and we decided to do something different so headed to ost klub (which is known for its live music). we drank beer and played table football (she kicked my arse. i possibly have the record for the most own goals scored during one game!) until the band came on.
the band were called die zuagroastn and they are described as 'dancehall reggae'. the front man was great. really energetic with the longest dreads i've ever seen and the guy just didn't keep still! however, as ellen pointed out, after a while you realised he sounded a bit like shaggy (remember him?) but speaking fast deutsch. it was possibly one of the most random things i've seen in a long time. reggae is really not my thing but i just enjoy seeing live music and i like seeing others enjoying it too (everyone was dancing). the atmosphere in ost klub was really good. its in the basement so has exposed brick walls and several different rooms in which to sit, drink, play table football and watch the stage. i really enjoyed myself.

p.s. i was very bad and bought a pizza slice on the way home. why is it that alcohol makes you feel SO hungry?!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

safety pin bracelet

whilst i've been hanging around the apartment today i made a bracelet from the kit my mum bought me for christmas (to keep me busy i think!). and the final result.... ta daaaaa!