Friday, September 14, 2012

auf wiedersehen wien

wow. has it really been two weeks?

i've been wanting to write a final post for my blog... i wanted to try and bring together all my thoughts and experiences of living in vienna... as the 'new girl'... but in all honesty, i'm struggling to find the words.

i started this little blog as just a way to document the little everyday things happening in vienna so i could share them with family and friends back home in england. as time went by i realised how much i love taking photographs (even though i have no idea how to use my camera), and how thrilling it was to discover other people (other than those who knew me) also read the blog too. now i love that i have a permanent visual diary of our whole experience.

what surprised me the most was how through my blog i was able to meet some truly lovely people in vienna who became my friends. i'm so grateful for that.

i won't lie, at times (particularly in the first year) it was really really tough living in vienna. i felt extremely lonely, frustrated, isolated, lost, tearful, and sometimes just bewildered. the language was always a massive struggle for me.... but we stuck on through the difficult times and now they don't seem so important. in fact, i think they have enriched the whole experience. i have learnt so much about myself through facing the challenges.

living in vienna for two and a half years was truly an amazing experience and i will always look back on our life here with a smile on my face. memories i will treasure forever.

i guess its time to say goodbye to this chapter and move on to the next.... thank you for being here with me along the way.

i will now be posting over on my new blog rockinkez where i hope to rediscover my hometown of brighton and continue taking photographs of my everyday life. i'd love you to join me!

so, auf wiedersehen wien! i'll miss you.