Wednesday, November 30, 2011

an evening at the belvedere

last week i enjoyed a few warming mugs of punsch after work at the belvedere christmas market until i couldn't feel my toes anymore (i was stupidly wearing converse!). the belvedere looks so pretty this time of year at night.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

austrian countryside

a few sundays back we went for a big long walk in the austrian countryside with hannah and peter. we got the train to somewhere (the name of which i can't remember!), walked a little through the edge of 21st district and then north following some hiking paths passing through hagenbrunn and bisamberg. it was a beautiful winters day. lunch was a huge grammelknödel (which is a dumpling filled with pork crackling/fat. super healthy!), sauerkraut and a glass of wine in a heuriger in hagenbrunn. mmmmmm.

Monday, November 21, 2011


just some random photos from the past two weekends. the week passed by so fast that it seemed to all meld into one.

the christmas markets are now open and we enjoyed our first mug of ingwer glühmost (mulled cider with ginger) last sunday at the MQ. delicious!

this saturday night we saw the horrors perform at flex. i thought they were brilliant. i wasn't a fan of their music when they released their debut album but i really love their third album skying.

and yesterday i cooked red lentil and chickpea soup for lunches this week and i attempted my first beef pie. i used this recipe with beef, guinness and mushrooms. i think i will tweak the recipe a little next time (i think the beef needs cooking for longer... and there seemed to be too much liquid) but it was really tasty and pretty good for my first attempt!

Monday, November 14, 2011

berlin. part 7

these are the last of the berlin photos. now back to vienna again, i promise!

berlin. part 6

on sunday morning we visited mauerpark for the flea market but it was so busy we avoided entering the flea market area and wandered around the park instead. it was such an interesting place to be on a sunday morning! there were people randomly playing instruments, others still hanging out and drinking beer, open air karaoke (not kidding!). i thought we had stumbled into a festival!

i had perfect sunday food at gorki park. russian meatballs and fried potatoes topped with a fried egg. it was delicious.