Thursday, June 28, 2012


just some photos i took a few weeks ago when we went to see the war on drugs at the arena in vienna (a strange name for a band i know). they were really amazing. even better than i expected. i always love going to the arena.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my weekend

we spent a lovely afternoon at naschmarkt where we bought flowers and yummy cherries. we sat drinking a beer and watching the very cute dog lounging in the sunshine. he was really adorable!
on saturday we also visited vintagerie where we purchased our little drinks trolley. i've wanted one for ages and i love it! vintagerie is a great little vintage showroom where they specialise in viennese design (as well as other pieces). they even serve you with a glass of pink fizz to enjoy whilst you browse around.
on sunday we relaxed again in the local park with a small picnic. i'm now reading the tortoise and the hare by elizabeth jenkins and really loving it.

Monday, June 18, 2012

my weekend

wow. i really had the best weekend. its been hot hot hot in vienna (too hot for my liking!) but really fantastic. highlights included:
a fun night out with work colleagues and seeing england beat sweden (sorry mimie!)
a beautiful day in the hills with lovely wine and food (as a reward for all our walking)
discovering a forbidden pathway
watching lots and lots of football (i haven't missed a match in the euro 2012 yet!)
a sunday visit to a flea market (no purchases though. i'm always too shy to ask how much things are)
reading and relaxing in the park
delicious beer battered fish and chunky chips at o'connors (seriously good)
pink skies

Thursday, June 14, 2012

summer night concert

the 7th of june was this years annual sommernachtskonzert (summer night concert) at schönbrunn. the vienna philharmonic preform a free concert there every year.

it was the first time i had made it, and despite not really being able to hear the music (i was sat up on the hill between the palace and the gloriette drinking wine with friends) it was still a lovely evening and i'm glad we got to enjoy the atmosphere and see the evening light turn to night.

i love the view from the hill at schönbrunn. we could see not only the city and the vienna hills but the crowds of people watching the concert below. i was glad for my seat on the grass though!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

food lately

a fantastic meal at stomach
yummy blood sausage on bread with horseradish at the genussfestival (which we visited again this year for a the third time in a row!)
another dish we had already nearly demolished at the genussfestival
one of my favourites. simple boiled eggs with toast soldiers
a really great lunch at neni (at the naschmarkt)
a traditional berner würstel mit pommes in melk
a caprese salad with pesto for lunch
really delicious homemade mushroom and asparagus risotto (a recipe from this new cook book)
AMAZING homemade aruncini (made from the risotto leftovers). first attempt at ever making them and they were soooo good (recipe from the same new book!)
a tasty bacon sandwich in bed