Monday, April 2, 2012

weekend at home

some rainbow tulips from the supermarket to brighten up the place.

we've been listening to the new the twilight sad album called 'no one can ever know'. it's brilliant. the band are playing in vienna in a few weeks and i'm really excited to see them.

a section from a painting by mixed media artist ben allen called 'built to love'. kev bought the print for me as an amazing birthday gift a few years ago. amazing is such a great word.

i'm currently reading the fountainhead by ayn rand and loving it. i wasn't sure before i started as people had told me such mixed things about the book. but it has totally drawn me in and i'm engrossed. good thing really as it's over 700 pages long! i love the cover image by tamara de lempicka.

we killed another plant. it's looking rather sorry for itself.


  1. Come on, that plant aint dead, just needs some water and love :)

    1. haha. well, i think we actually over watered it!