Thursday, October 27, 2011

national day

yesterday was a public holiday here in austria for 'national day'. it was a gloomy, wet and grey day and so we chose to spend it cosy at home. it was so lovely to relax, take a long bath, read and catch up on some tv watching.

it was also the start of our holiday as we are off to berlin today! YAY! i am so excited and cannot wait to explore a new city.

the photos are of flowers that our lovely friends jenny and thomas bought for us and some books that i bought way back with some birthday vouchers. they are from the virago modern classics series. i love the design of the covers (i already own excellent women by barbara pym which i LOVED). i need a new book to take to berlin with me (as i finished on the road by jack kerouac yesterday). i think i'll start with my cousin rachel! (rebecca by daphne du maurier is one of my favourite ever books).

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


a complete odd bunch of photos this week. light coming into our bedroom//awesome cheesecake//yellow roses//evidence from beer tasting night//a reflection//inside a local train.

highlights from the weekend: cooking a three course meal, enjoying eating the three course meal with friends, trying lots of great beers and scoring them for smell and taste, getting 7 strikes in a row on wii bowling! (beer obviously helps), watching new zealand win the rugby world cup.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ill at home

noodle soup from a packet and herbal tea. i'm hoping this combination will make me feel well again.

how should one eat noodle soup without getting it all over them?! (tip: don't wear a white dressing gown).

Monday, October 17, 2011

sunday stroll

a beautiful sunday afternoon stroll in the bright autumn sunshine.

things have certainly got a lot cooler around here.... but i love autumn and the changing seasons. especially when the sun still shines and the air is crisp and fresh.

the derelict building is the remains of the sofiensaal in the third district of vienna. it was destroyed by fire in 2001. such a shame. i bet the old ballroom/concert hall was wonderful.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


muesli, yogurt and fresh raspberries. YUM.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a week in paris

i have been away working in paris for the past 8 days and only returned last night. unfortunately these two photographs are all i have to show for my week there. i was working long hours at a trade show and simply didn't have time to see any of the beautiful sights of paris. i also just kept forgetting to take pictures.

i really hope to make it back to paris someday soon so i can properly explore the city.

but on the plus side i did try snails for the first time! (which were great).

a few snaps

it has been a little quiet around here lately i know (i only posted 4 times in september. totally rubbish!). a friend suggested i should rename the blog 'a weekend in vienna'. not a bad idea considering it is all i seem to blog about!

here are a few random snaps from the weekend before last. the last photo is of a band called kitty daisy and lewis who i saw at the arena. they are siblings and play rockabilly style music i would say with a bit of a twist. they all play multiple instruments and swap around during the set (their parents were also on stage playing guitar and double bass!). i really loved it and couldn't keep still. it is music that just makes me want to dance.