Tuesday, February 28, 2012

sydney part 2

we walked miles this day. we wandered from potts point, through darlingshurst, surrey hills, paddington, and then all the way to bondi beach. my feet have now touched bondi sand!

(as you can see, i'm not very good at cleaning my camera lens and there is an annoying little squiggle on the photographs. kev said just pretend it's a little snake).

Friday, February 24, 2012

sydney part 1

the amazing famous sights of sydney.

yummy pizza lunch at fratelli paradiso.

refreshing cold delicious home brewed beer at the lord nelson hotel and brewery.

(by the way, kev took the photo of the spider. i wouldn't get that close!).

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a new girl in vienna down under

so here i am. on the other side of the world. wow. i must say, jet lag is a killer though.

we spent the first few days staying with kev's family outside of sydney. we took a trip up to katoomba in the blue mountains where we saw the three sisters. spectacular scenery. but as you can see, the weather was not so good. people have been telling us what a terrible summer new south wales have had this year and they were not kidding. it has rained at some point every day since we arrived here. with some crazy storms too (but i do love storms). when we were up in the blue mountains the storm was thundering over the valleys until it eventually arrived upon us and the skies opened.

i'm loving every minute.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


we finally made it to film casino a few weeks ago to see the descendants. really liked the film. loved the cinema. it's an old independent cinema with wonderful old decor.
more snow finally arrived in vienna much to my pleasure (but everyone else's dismay it seems!). i know it's now lingering around and really dirty and mushy. but i still love it.
i mentioned the freezing conditions recently and here is a little evidence. and this doesn't take into consideration the wind chill which has meant some days have been more like -20!

but, tomorrow i am leaving cold vienna and heading towards some sunshine for three whole weeks. we are flying to australia and i am so excited! it may be a little quiet around here but i hope to post some pictures along the way.....

oh, and happy valentine's day!

Monday, February 6, 2012

my weekend

hmm. i'm seeing recurring themes here. eggs for breakfast. pictures of my shoes. jerk chicken. ha.

this weekend was mostly spent trying to stay warm. we had our heating on non-stop for over 48 hours and it still only hit 20 degrees in our apartment! i popped out quickly to the chemist on saturday with wet hair and within 5 minutes my hair had frozen. in icy clumps. crazy (not the brightest idea to go out with wet hair i know).

other than drinking mugs of hot tea and glasses of red wine under a blanket on the sofa, we did manage to make it to see the rené magritte exhibition at the albertina. totally worth going out in the cold.