Friday, September 14, 2012

auf wiedersehen wien

wow. has it really been two weeks?

i've been wanting to write a final post for my blog... i wanted to try and bring together all my thoughts and experiences of living in vienna... as the 'new girl'... but in all honesty, i'm struggling to find the words.

i started this little blog as just a way to document the little everyday things happening in vienna so i could share them with family and friends back home in england. as time went by i realised how much i love taking photographs (even though i have no idea how to use my camera), and how thrilling it was to discover other people (other than those who knew me) also read the blog too. now i love that i have a permanent visual diary of our whole experience.

what surprised me the most was how through my blog i was able to meet some truly lovely people in vienna who became my friends. i'm so grateful for that.

i won't lie, at times (particularly in the first year) it was really really tough living in vienna. i felt extremely lonely, frustrated, isolated, lost, tearful, and sometimes just bewildered. the language was always a massive struggle for me.... but we stuck on through the difficult times and now they don't seem so important. in fact, i think they have enriched the whole experience. i have learnt so much about myself through facing the challenges.

living in vienna for two and a half years was truly an amazing experience and i will always look back on our life here with a smile on my face. memories i will treasure forever.

i guess its time to say goodbye to this chapter and move on to the next.... thank you for being here with me along the way.

i will now be posting over on my new blog rockinkez where i hope to rediscover my hometown of brighton and continue taking photographs of my everyday life. i'd love you to join me!

so, auf wiedersehen wien! i'll miss you.


  1. As somebody who is aiming to move to Austria (Tirol) in the not too distant future, I found your blog by accident when looking up Austria + Blogs. Thank you for sharing your time there. I have learned a lot from you. I loved your photographs. You have a great eye for capturing the imagination. I will head on over to your new blog as I have always wanted to go to Brighton. I nearly made it there earlier this year.

  2. Hi! I'm a born and raised Viennese girl, currently living in England ;)
    I came across your blog a while ago and always enjoyed reading about home and looking at my city through the eyes of an expat. Sad to read you left, I wish you all the best for the future! Baba

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  5. thank you for the blog. i moved permanently to vienna in october... and was anticipating the move for about a year. your blog helped me see how to and WANT to experience the city and i am finally getting to it.

    best of luck rediscovering Brighton.

  6. you wrote an amazing blog. the photos look great, you should keep it updated like you saud as its well worth it.

  7. thanks to everyone who has commented and continues to discover this blog!

  8. First time is all beginnig.+'Sitting on the dock of the bay' in a still strange xountry, where the people still ask 'where do you come from? You have such silly accent! Not interested in You! So disappointed! ':-

  9. Dear Kerry!

    I've really enjoyed your blog...and it hit me when I've reached the end of it :/ It was so cool to see the city through somebody else's eyes and you've done so good job as a guide that it felt almost like I was there too! Like a mini trip every morning with my cup o' basically gave me the inspiration to move to Vienna...well, just wanted to tell you that :)
    Take care, and have fun!

    1. oh wow! thats really lovely. i hope vienna has been everything you hoped it would be! :)

  10. Oh you live in Brighton? That sounds amazing! I have spent a year in England and went to Brighton several times, I love it there! I would have loved getting to know a blogger from Brighton haha (: I hope you are enjoying it back home though,

    xx from vienna!

  11. Hei there! I have just stumbled across your blog at the right time! As a young woman about to emigrate to Wien, I am in exactly the same position! I have just started to read it but I wondered if you could give a bit of advice. I am about to start work at my dream job in Wien and I am looking to find a flat. I wondered if you could point me in the right direction and give an idea of the living costs etc. Hope to hear from you, if you want to contact me you can use winter_hybrid(at)

    1. oh i'm sorry i just discovered this comment all too late! i hope you managed to get everything sorted and are enjoying living in Wien!

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  13. I’m glad to read you again. Thanks for this post. Best for you Buddy! and
    Merry Christmas

  14. Hello im from Cyprus I am moving to Vienna too in April!! I hope everything will be ok!! I am not at all used to the cold weather and grey sky but it will be an experience :) if you have any tips I would love to hear them!! Great blog xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :) my email address is

  15. Hi rockinkez

    You final post is quite nice so for. Thank for the sharing your living experience in Vienna with us.


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