Thursday, June 2, 2011

a lesson in photography

on tuesday late afternoon/evening kev and i attended a photography course run by a colleague of kev's. we did a bit of theory first (and i got totally confused!) and then we went over to stadtpark to take some photographs and try out a few new things.

now i openly admit i have no idea how to use my camera properly and i am ashamed to say i still use the auto settings.... so this was a good opportunity to learn! (this was actually one of my new years resolutions. not sure where the past 5 months have gone?!). anyway... i was pretty terrible! we tried taking photos in different light, action photos and some portraits using different manual settings, changing the shutter speed, etc. we learnt a few new techniques and tips. all my photos were a disaster but here are a few to show that i did actually take some.
this last one of kev makes me laugh!

i thoroughly enjoyed the course and it has certainly motivated me to read the camera manual for a start!


  1. I so could need something like that. Is it in English and do you think he will offer more courses? And oh my God, Kev's got a halo coming out of his forehead!? You've got skills! :)

  2. That last one is actually really cool. It's great that your learning some new things and experimenting. Can't wait to see more.