Tuesday, June 7, 2011

sunday at the donau

i'm a little embarrassed to say that after living in vienna for 15 months, sunday was our first visit to the donau (danube). it was so lovely just being by the water... i think we will be making many more visits this summer with our books and a picnic.

we took the u bahn to the donauinsel and then walked and walked and walked! there were people cycling, roller blading, sunbathing, wind surfing, swimming, playing football.... it was great for people watching.

(not sure how you're meant to get in the toilets. are you meant to bring your own ladder?!).

(and also, no idea what happened on the cloud shot. it was the day but looks like night?!)


  1. Isn't that huge eye just great. And FYI... If you keep walking on Donauinsel you will end up in the nudist-area. That is good to know. I was a bit surprised when I was biking there once by myself, and all of a sudden it was all naked people around me. :-O

  2. haha. thanks for the tip dorte! luckily i think we turned back before we got that far!
    and yes, i love the eye.

  3. looks like a very nice summer day! especially with the two hammocks!

  4. Looked like u had loads of fun,fun place to live huh...

  5. what great photos- that bathroom is funny- and great day/night shot- Yum for the sausage.