Monday, September 26, 2011

wiener weinwandertag

once a year there is the wiener weinwandertag 'wine hiking day' in the hills of vienna (well, its actually two days and it was this weekend). a friend organised a group of 13 people together and we set off from neustift am walde in the direction of nussdorf along the trail (there are two routes to take). we actually only made it half way before it got dark as we were enjoying the 'wine stops' along the way a little too much! maybe we will make the full 10.8km next year?!

it was a beautiful sunny day and i got to enjoy my first glass of sturm of the season!


  1. Ohh, I went once and loved it. It is such a nice event. Love the pictures. Should we set up a date and meet for Sturm? Have a good trip to Paris (saw on FB you're going)

  2. Jayzuz there is no stopping you!

  3. I find out your interesting! I'll be in Vienna from January for six months so happy to discover the city even from your blog;)!
    p.s.=new follower!

    kisses from italy

  4. great place !! :)