Wednesday, September 7, 2011

sunday by the water

cherry beer in a can. YES, in a can!

sunday was a beautiful day and so we took the u bahn to the alte donau (somewhere we had never been before). it was so lovely watching all the boats out on the sparkly water. we were unprepared and kev wasn't feeling very well so we didn't hire a boat ourselves.... but i'm desperate to! alas, summer may now have passed me by.


  1. sunday'll be last day of summer :(

  2. hey! I'm moving to Vienna in two weeks and I'm so happy to read about other people who did the same :) Nice pictures, makes me look forward to go there! xx

  3. I just came across your blog...and a piece of me just wants to start crying. not in a bad way, but in a good way. I lived in Vienna for 17 years and moved back to the US 10 years ago. I have not been able to go back but would do anything to be able to move back to Vienna with my son and live three again
    Enjoy every bit of it! I have memories there that can never be replicated
    I hope one my son will experience the life I did there

  4. miriam: good luck with the move!

    anonymous: 17 years. wow, that is a long time! i'm glad it brought back such great memories for you.
    i certainly will enjoy every moment!

    thanks for your comments.