Monday, November 7, 2011

berlin. part 1

our first meal in berlin was 'currywurst und pommes' washed down with a berliner pilsner. AWESOME. (although currywurst really wasn't what i expected. for some reason i thought the sausage would be flavoured with spices rather than it be a sausage topped with a tomato based sauce? but i still enjoyed it). we bought ours at konnopke. apparently the oldest curry wurst in the city, which has been run by the same family since the 1930s!

we took a huge walk around prenzlauer berg and then spent the evening in two cool bars. intersoup (random name) and wohnzimmer. both places appear they have raided their grandparents' living rooms for the furniture and decor (but i liked it!).


  1. that IS a long running family business- love your photos.

  2. I really loved Berlin...a so vibrant city! I had the hotel at prenzlauer berg and there are so many nice bars, great place;)!

    kisses from italy

  3. Ah Currywurst! It reminds me of the German professor teaching a course I took in LA. He could go on and on about Currywurst. It does sound good with a beer though. Nice shots! Happy Kev is back with the memory thing, so we can see :)