Tuesday, November 1, 2011

happy (late) halloween

so the plan was for me to share lots of pictures from our amazing trip to berlin.... but kev has flown to new york for a conference with the memory card uploader thingy (what is that thing called?) and so that scuppered all the plans.

instead you have this rather random picture of me and my awesome friend taken many many halloweens ago (i made the dress from a pair of net curtains i bought in a charity shop. and during the evening i nearly set myself alight on candles!). in case you are wondering who sharron is... she was papa lazarou from the black comedy a league of gentlemen. HILARIOUS. it really made me laugh finding this photo again. we are both holding a glass of rather potent punch (that particular year i think we set a record for the amount of party guests to puke from our punch concoction!).

this year i spent halloween at home alone. i miss dressing up!


  1. OMG I just nearly snorted wine out of my nose & julia & marie can't stop laughing. Blast from the past!

  2. I always call it the memory card uploader thingy. Does it have another name?

  3. i remember that halloween party! and the near fire.... ! when was it? holland road, 2000? 2001?

    p.s. hope you had fun in berlin... such a cool city.

  4. ha. yes, its holland road! and it was actually 2004. seems longer ago though i agree!

    and thanks. berlin was AMAZING.

    badger, according to kev its called an SD card reader?!