Saturday, March 31, 2012

lake como

sorry, more photos not in vienna! as you've probably guessed, the last few months have been mega busy but i'm finally back in vienna and planning a VERY relaxing weekend with kev doing basically nothing except hanging out together. mainly doing lots of sitting on the sofa!

after our mega amazing trip to australia and fiji... i went to milan for a work trip and stayed at lake como. lucky i know! (but it was hard work too!). one evening i saw one of the most amazing sunset skies i think i've ever seen. apparently the villa we stayed in was not too far away from the villa owned by george clooney! (unfortunately we didn't get to meet. ha).

so, that is my travels over for a little while.....


  1. the photos look amazing kerry! oh and i can't wait to listen to your australia stories!

    1. looking forward to hearing your stories from spain too!

  2. Wow those are great shots! The views on the photos are breath taking. I will start saving up for a trip to Lake Como even if it takes me a more than one year to raise the money.