Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my weekend

we spent a lovely afternoon at naschmarkt where we bought flowers and yummy cherries. we sat drinking a beer and watching the very cute dog lounging in the sunshine. he was really adorable!
on saturday we also visited vintagerie where we purchased our little drinks trolley. i've wanted one for ages and i love it! vintagerie is a great little vintage showroom where they specialise in viennese design (as well as other pieces). they even serve you with a glass of pink fizz to enjoy whilst you browse around.
on sunday we relaxed again in the local park with a small picnic. i'm now reading the tortoise and the hare by elizabeth jenkins and really loving it.


  1. we've been searching for one for ages! post a full photo of it pls.

  2. i LOVE your bar cart! i am looking for one for ages now but never found one! and cherries are my one of favorite summer fruits. i have to buy some soon! :-)

    1. thanks! and yes, fresh cherries are delicious

  3. great photos- the dog really is cute- and I love your new drink trolley!

  4. I love the cherry bowl pics. So cool!