Sunday, June 10, 2012

food lately

a fantastic meal at stomach
yummy blood sausage on bread with horseradish at the genussfestival (which we visited again this year for a the third time in a row!)
another dish we had already nearly demolished at the genussfestival
one of my favourites. simple boiled eggs with toast soldiers
a really great lunch at neni (at the naschmarkt)
a traditional berner würstel mit pommes in melk
a caprese salad with pesto for lunch
really delicious homemade mushroom and asparagus risotto (a recipe from this new cook book)
AMAZING homemade aruncini (made from the risotto leftovers). first attempt at ever making them and they were soooo good (recipe from the same new book!)
a tasty bacon sandwich in bed


  1. What, I missed the Genussfestival? Why didn't you tell me!!!? ;)

  2. ha. i didn't forget you... you were in nice having much more fun! ;0)

  3. Hi Kerry, The bacon sandwich at the end made me laugh! :)

    Is the blood sausage essentially the same thing as British black pudding? It looks kind of similar.

    Neni is pretty cool, I agree. We went there last time we visited Vienna and ended up taking home a few boxes of their own-brand zhug and humus. Plus it's very stylishly decorated inside. I didn't really know what to expect from an Israeli restaurant until my husband convinced me to give it a try, but I was pleasantly surprised and I'd definitely go back there again if I get chance.

    The last time we were there was to visit the Christmas markets in Vienna and there's no shortage of awesome food there to take nice photos of - All the traditional fare such as Wiener Schnitzel and Sachertorte etc. but also some really interesting meats and baked foods, not to mention the hot mulled wine and hot beers!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing these photos. I can't wait for our next trip there now.

    1. hey emma, thanks for your comment... i only just saw it!
      glad the bacon sandwich made you smile :)
      and yes, black pudding is basically blood sausage!