Monday, July 30, 2012

some big news

okay, so yep... i have some news. something i've been wanting to post for a few weeks but i think i have been putting it off. so now i'm just gonna come out and say that kev and i will be leaving vienna and moving back to england at the end of august. it has happened a bit out of the blue and it all still feels a little unreal at the moment (even though it is now less than 5 weeks away. YIKES).

i guess if i'm honest i'm feeling quite mixed emotions about everything. i love brighton and i miss family and friends and so its exciting to be moving back, but i'm really going to miss vienna. i feel like i have finally settled into a life here and now we are leaving. there is so much to think about and it feels a little overwhelming to say the least!

so there, i've said it.


  1. And Vienna is going to miss you!! But it will welcome ypu with open arms (and a guestroom at my place) when ever you want another weekend in Vienna! <3

    Bussi mimie

  2. Oh Kerry that is so exciting! I can completely relate to the mixed feelings, and 5 weeks will go by so fast. I hope your last weeks will be full of Austrian beer, cake and friends. And you know you need to continue the blogging although you return home, right?!

    1. thanks dorte. time is going so fast! and yes, i hope to continue blogging.... but need a new name!

  3. This is exciting news! New chapters and adventures make life so much more fun. Vienna will always be here and you're not too far to come back and visit whenever the feel the need to. I wish you all the best over these next 5 weeks.