Wednesday, July 4, 2012

a weekend in brighton

so we were back in england at the weekend in our home town for a wedding. the wedding was a lot of fun. it was lovely catching up with old friends (i have known the bride since i was 7 years old!).

during the weekend i got to see the sea! we ate traditional full english breakfast. we shopped. we spent time with family. we enjoyed a sunday night in one of our favourite pubs with great friends.

the photos are quite deceiving because they don't show you how cold it was! it has been scorching in vienna lately with temperatures over 30 degrees (and not cooling down at night. i'm currently flaked out on the sofa typing this) but in brighton it was 15 degrees. i'm not sure which i prefer at the moment!


  1. i would definitely prefer the 15°degrees! ;-)
    brighton is such a lovely town! i have been there a few times and have always enjoyed it a lot! :-)

  2. Looks like a lovely time. Glad you got to see your friends and the sea. I'm with you on the weather--was praying for it to warm up in Berlin and now it's just ridiculously humid.

    1. hi christine! we seriously are melllting in vienna