Thursday, August 30, 2012


time has been going so super fast lately and my head is still in a spin over our move back to england. as i am typing this five removal guys are packing up our apartment. it feels very weird.

this summer has been so much fun in vienna. there has been so much sunshine, we've enjoyed some amazing times with friends, been to budapest and seen lots of live bands. including patti smith this week who was totally AMAZING (can't stop singing gloria in my head).

talking of music that is stuck in my head i absolutely adore cat power's new song ruin. but be warned, its very catchy! i can't wait for the release of her new album sun on 3rd september.

i'm not really sure what i've been doing with the rest of my time. the great gatsby was the last book i read but that was aaaaages ago. i've started the stranger's child by alan hollinghurst but its sadly been sitting unread. we have become obsessed with watching breaking bad though. its seriously brilliant. so maybe i've just been watching lots of tv!

i had to say goodbye to work colleagues this week which was also very weird. it feels like maybe i'm on holiday and i'll be going back in a couple of weeks. tonight is our final night in vienna and i'm not looking forward to saying our last goodbyes. sad times. but also exciting new times ahead.


  1. Good luck with all that packing. Sad times indeed. Thank you for sharing your life in Vienna, its been fun seeing the different places. Happy times ahead.

    1. thank you so much cheri! and yes, more happy times ahead

  2. When ist coming?

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