Saturday, July 9, 2011

holy moly

a few weeks ago we went to the restaurant holy moly on the badeschiff (which is a boat on the donau canal). they have a restaurant, a pool and a club on there!
we really liked it. the atmosphere was great, staff were friendly (if a little slow towards the end when the dj kicked in and the club started downstairs), the food was great and i loved the graffiti on the walls and ceiling. unfortunately for us, the evening we booked a table there was torrential rain but i'm sure it would be lovely on a warm summer evening (hopefully next time!).
everyone took pictures of their own food but the lighting was terrible for photos. i ate beef tartare with avocado (it was really amazing), kev had calf head (yep, calf head). sounds a little freaky i know but apparently they really slow cook it and then remove all the meat. i tried it, and it tasted good. for main i decided to not be my normal predictable self (i would have chosen the lamb shoulder) but instead i went for the squid with polenta and black beans. it was a really unusual dish but i really enjoyed it. i would say it is not a menu for the less adventurous. you might struggle to find something to eat!
for dessert all four of us chose the chocolate plate. it was SO good. there were different flavoured chocolate truffles, a mousse, a soft fondant cake thing, some chocolate sticks. it was pure heaven for chocolate lovers!


  1. Oh yes, I loved the place too! Service was a bit slow/comfused when we were there too, but they were so friendly so it didn't matter (also we were about 14 people, that made it a bit confusing) I had the beeef tartare and loved it! Thought that the menue was a bit "strange" first too, but then I got to taste most of it (because everyone ordered something else) and it was all good. But nothing beats the dessert. Still dream about it, let's go back just for that :)

    Oops, long comment, sorry :) Hope everything is fine with you! Love Emilie

  2. sounds like a really cool place- not sure I'd be able to try let alone order calf head.