Tuesday, July 5, 2011

lazy weekend

a lazy weekend was very much needed. i was fast asleep on the sofa on friday night by 9.30pm. i'm not sure if that is a reflection on the film we were watching (paul) or my extreme tiredness. kev said the film was okay. so maybe it was a bit of both.

i met a friend for lunch on saturday (we hadn't seen each other for too long). we went to naturkost st josef for some yummy salads. then we went to aida for coffee (well, okay i had a soda zitrone).

kev and i went to a local italian for dinner. look at the size of the beef carpaccio!

and the rest of the weekend was spent sleeping, watching wimbledon, reading, cooking chicken tikka masala (from scratch for the first time) and generally being very lazy. it rained all day on sunday and so it was perfect for staying at home.

i've finally finished 'this book will save your life'. really loved it. it's very funny and rather random. but in a good way.


  1. great photos as always- I love all the food porn

  2. i'm looking forward to trying all these restaurants and bars when i come to visit! And if you fancy making me a curry, i wouldn't complain either!

  3. went back there yesterday for lunch. had the best polenta ever. place full of crying babies and young, skinny chic mothers :(