Tuesday, July 12, 2011

where did that weekend go?!

rather too much drinking this past weekend. in fact, i appear to have spent the entire weekend either drunk or hungover. eek. and it was SO hot. i just couldn't cool down and our electric fan broke!
all the photos were taken on saturday night (except for the mustang. by the way, how cool is the car?! we saw it parked around the corner from our apartment).
we had a fantastic evening with friends at summer stage on saturday (drinking lots of beer and eating fish & chips/burger & chips from the irish place charlie p's) and then we headed to our favourite place to play some pool (rather terribly but it was loads of fun).
definitely a lack of food photos this weekend!


  1. The guys sitting at the table next to yours at Summer Stage are friends of ours :-) Wien ist ein Dorf! We were going to join them but then the heavens opened. How was the fish & chips?

  2. noooo, really. thats so funny! fish & chips were gooood... kev said his burger was a bit soggy.