Monday, August 29, 2011


well, i got my wish. it rained. lots! there was a huge thunder storm on saturday night. we got soaked through walking home from eating pizza... and i loved it.

we did manage to get out somewhere. kev and i took the train on saturday to klosterneuburg. a small town just north of vienna which is famous for its monastery. we climbed the steps up the hill, peeked inside the beautiful abbey, drank beer outside whilst listening to a brass band play and enjoyed the sunshine before the wind picked up and the dark clouds started to descend upon us.

sunday was a lazy day. a few hours spent reading in the park, watching football on tv, eating fruit salad and drinking beer with friends in the local beer garden (fruit salad counteracts all the beer consumption, obviously).


  1. yum- that pizza looks very good.
    Is that a pump for water with the white wine shot?
    Very cool.

  2. the pizza was delicious!
    and yes, i LOVED the soda water pump. wanted to take one home!

  3. Have just (finally) finished reading your blog from start to finish (took a little while - i've had it bookmarked), and it's wonderful! Thanks for keeping at it. I'm currently planning on moving to Vienna in a couple of years (seems way off, but then again, not so much) with my BF of 5+ years who happens to be from Klosterneuburg. We manage to get over at least once a year, but was really great to see how you've settled in full time. Glad to see that it's possible! Best of luck from NYC - looking forward to reading about your continued adventures! -Scott

  4. hi scott, wow - can't believe you've read the whole thing! and thanks for the lovely comment. good luck with the move over in a few years.