Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a week in paris

i have been away working in paris for the past 8 days and only returned last night. unfortunately these two photographs are all i have to show for my week there. i was working long hours at a trade show and simply didn't have time to see any of the beautiful sights of paris. i also just kept forgetting to take pictures.

i really hope to make it back to paris someday soon so i can properly explore the city.

but on the plus side i did try snails for the first time! (which were great).


  1. Welcome back to Wien. Wuuh... Snails! You are brave.

  2. My daughter lives there so I visit it quite often - and it always fascinates me. It used to be my favourite city - but now Vienna is.

  3. it is one of those cities that has always fascinated me! the other is berlin which i will visit for the first time later this month. if you have any tips for berlin badger (i know you have recently visited) please send them my way!