Thursday, October 27, 2011

national day

yesterday was a public holiday here in austria for 'national day'. it was a gloomy, wet and grey day and so we chose to spend it cosy at home. it was so lovely to relax, take a long bath, read and catch up on some tv watching.

it was also the start of our holiday as we are off to berlin today! YAY! i am so excited and cannot wait to explore a new city.

the photos are of flowers that our lovely friends jenny and thomas bought for us and some books that i bought way back with some birthday vouchers. they are from the virago modern classics series. i love the design of the covers (i already own excellent women by barbara pym which i LOVED). i need a new book to take to berlin with me (as i finished on the road by jack kerouac yesterday). i think i'll start with my cousin rachel! (rebecca by daphne du maurier is one of my favourite ever books).


  1. Have a GREAT time, I already look forward to your photos!

  2. Hey there! I'm from Vienna and I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now. I just took a stab at blogging during a documentary film shoot and since the film's about On The Road and you just read it I thought you might like to check it out:
    greetings from Berlin (another shoot...)

  3. hey there! thanks so much for your comment & the link. i really loved On The Road. there are some great pictures on the tumbler.
    greetings back from vienna :)