Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ill at home

noodle soup from a packet and herbal tea. i'm hoping this combination will make me feel well again.

how should one eat noodle soup without getting it all over them?! (tip: don't wear a white dressing gown).


  1. Hope you are feeling better. Just read your entire blog. Yes now *ahum* I do not tend to do that but since you are living my dream I had to read on :)

    Can I ask, how is living in Vienna without speaking German?

  2. hey there, can't believe you read the whole thing!
    well, it has its moments and it was tough to start with but i get by with my rubbish german skills! (i actually started another course a few weeks ago so i'm trying to get better). but you can survive! i am evidence of that ;)

  3. Thank you so much for your reply. Just one more question if I may? This is one that has bothered me and I have been hoping to find someone that could answer it for me. Perhaps you could? I hear, when I read expats forums, that the Viennese are cold and unfriendly. Now I have never encountered this myself on my many visits, but perhaps it is different when you live there? Are they particularly unfriendly compared to say people in London? Or is it just a difference in what you expect and the local culture? Now, after this I will stop misusing your comments field. I promise :)

  4. Ay.. Hope you are feeling better now. Being Ill is no fun. (nice to see the mug beng used by the way :))

  5. Hi there! Found you through Our View From Wien - great blog! I'm your newest follower. Would love a follow back at

  6. liqourice: okay, thats a tricky one! i would be lying if i said that i hadn't encountered any unfriendliness here. its really hard to answer this question without generalising, which i really don't want to do! i have had experiences of people being unfriendly, at times really unhelpful and rude... but you get people like that everywhere don't you?! service is very different to what i was used to back in england... but i think its just a difference in culture. i try to tell myself its not a personal thing!

    dorte: thanks! i love my mug!

    sonja: thanks for your comment!