Tuesday, December 27, 2011

christmas is over for another year

well, since my last post i've been to england and back for christmas. its been a whirlwind of last minute shopping, catching up with friends, hanging out with family, and eating and drinking far too much!

the first two photos are at home in vienna. we didn't have a tree this year which made me very sad.... but the tree would have been home all alone over christmas so it seemed a bit silly to buy one (i refuse to have a fake tree).

the rest of the photos were taken at my grandparents house on christmas day. we had a lovely day together with glasses of sherry, a HUGE christmas roast (there was so much on my plate i kept discovering new things underneath!), lots of red wine, trifle, party poppers (we have a long running tradition in our family of aiming them at the chandelier to see who can hit it the most!), christmas crackers, music, a board game and snooker in the evening.

there is such a build up to christmas in december and then it always seems over in a flash. but i'm really happy i got to go home and spend it with family and friends. even if i am now completely exhausted and dreading work tomorrow!

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  1. Oh my god that plate full of food looks amazing!! Hope you are coping with work today. Bvaaa... I'm not ready to get back to everyday life either.