Monday, December 19, 2011

play loud

i love the sticker on the new album by the black keys. it is good advice. you really should take a listen.


  1. Hi, found you via Expat Blog. Just wanted to ask - how are you enjoying Vienna? What's it like for a young family who are looking to move and stay put for a little while...
    thanks! Off to listen to that album now.

  2. hi geoff!
    i'm really enjoying living here. i can't really say too much about what it is like for a young family as i don't have any children.... but it is a clean and safe city, with lots of green space and there are international schools.
    it did take me a while to settle in, things can be quite different, and it was hard with no german skills... but it is a great place to live. good luck if you make the move!