Sunday, December 11, 2011


an out of focus christmas tree at schwarzenbergplatz.
mugs of glühwein at the karlskirche christmas market.
one litre of beer at salm bräu.
my delicious tafelspitz starter at stomach.
a frozen margarita at first floor.
a walk to the belvedere.
yummy lunch at wrenkh.
a glimpse of stephansdom in the sunshine.

christmas seems to be creeping up on me this year. the weeks are going by so fast. we've been doing lots of fun things, including having friends from england visiting us last weekend. it was a weekend of great food, cocktails, glühwein and christmas markets!

this weekend has also been busy with an awesome dinner party with friends on friday, and a birthday party last night for this lovely lady. lots of fun!


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  2. That looks like snow = did we have snow while i was in paris?

  3. thanks ren!

    no snow badger. it did snow for about 5 minutes (and i got excited!) but it didn't lay