Monday, February 6, 2012

my weekend

hmm. i'm seeing recurring themes here. eggs for breakfast. pictures of my shoes. jerk chicken. ha.

this weekend was mostly spent trying to stay warm. we had our heating on non-stop for over 48 hours and it still only hit 20 degrees in our apartment! i popped out quickly to the chemist on saturday with wet hair and within 5 minutes my hair had frozen. in icy clumps. crazy (not the brightest idea to go out with wet hair i know).

other than drinking mugs of hot tea and glasses of red wine under a blanket on the sofa, we did manage to make it to see the rené magritte exhibition at the albertina. totally worth going out in the cold.


  1. I'm glad you were able to stay warm this weekend with tea, alcohol, and blankets :-) I've had a chill all day and can't seem to get warm despite my efforts at warm showers and hot tea. Apparently our apartment isn't warming past 20 degrees either. And as for Salzburg, you should absolutely make the short trip!! It's easily doable in a weekend, though I'd recommend making it a long, 3-day weekend just to have an extra day to frolic around :-)

    1. thanks! i hope you're feeling much better and didn't come down with anything bad...

  2. I love the shoe-shots! Especially the sparkly ones from a few weeks ago. :)

  3. Yes - we know all about cold apartments.

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