Tuesday, February 14, 2012


we finally made it to film casino a few weeks ago to see the descendants. really liked the film. loved the cinema. it's an old independent cinema with wonderful old decor.
more snow finally arrived in vienna much to my pleasure (but everyone else's dismay it seems!). i know it's now lingering around and really dirty and mushy. but i still love it.
i mentioned the freezing conditions recently and here is a little evidence. and this doesn't take into consideration the wind chill which has meant some days have been more like -20!

but, tomorrow i am leaving cold vienna and heading towards some sunshine for three whole weeks. we are flying to australia and i am so excited! it may be a little quiet around here but i hope to post some pictures along the way.....

oh, and happy valentine's day!


  1. Give my regards to Australia - tell her I will be back in July.

    1. i've given australia your regards badger! (i love it here)