Wednesday, February 1, 2012

my weekend

brrrrrrr.... its so cold in vienna right now. i am sitting indoors with a scarf on under a blanket and i'm still cold!

great weekend though. friends visited us from the uk and it was just so nice to hang out. all these photographs were actually taken on saturday when we wandered past the hundertwasserhaus, down by the canal, stopped in urania for a beer, and then later went for dinner at wrenkh and more beers in 1516 until the early hours.

on sunday we became couch potatoes (too much booze & lack of sleep), ate a big roast dinner and watched many many episodes of masterchef. i love food related programmes. especially when i'm trying to diet (or cut down shall we say). i seem to like torturing myself!

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  1. I've read news reports about how freezing cold it is across all of Europe- Stay warm!