Wednesday, May 30, 2012

food in graz

as you know, i do love pizza, and we ate a great one at don camillo at franziskanerplatz.

we stayed at the hotel daniel and their buffet breakfast for €9 was SO good. they had everything you could think of including amazing breads, meats, cheeses, pastries, cereals & muesli, fruit, freshly boiled eggs... i could go on!

we climbed the many steps up the grazer schloßberg and then ate lunch at aiola upstairs. i must admit, we waited a very long time for our food but the food was great when it arrived (i ate the chorizo, asparagus linguine dish and kev had corn fed chicken on a wild garlic risotto). what made it better was how the restaurant handled it. the chef offered us both desserts on the house to compensate without us even mentioning a thing about the wait (sign of a good restaurant i thought). it was a lovely place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine in the sunshine.

yummy sardines and the best steak i can remember eating in a long time at the spiesesaal at the hotel wiesler (unfortunately the badly lit and blurry photo does not do it justice). i really loved the styling and decor of this restaurant, and it had amazing street art on the walls. i must say, a stay at the hotel wiesler looked rather amazing! (maybe if i save my pennies i can stay there next time!).

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