Tuesday, May 1, 2012

glimpses of the wedding

we had the most wonderful weekend in england. the wedding was amazing. despite the rain, a power cut and the brides sister going into labour, the day was still so perfect. i'm still smiling! just so happy for the married couple.

they had a cake made of cheese!


  1. oh no- the brides sister went into labour- that is a story to remember and a bit of a steal your thunder moment.

  2. a cake made of cheese?! That's the greatest thing ever. I hope you recovered from your dentist visit. Tried to leave a comment a few days ago on the last post, but the ipad wouldn't let me. Oh and love your pictures of spring in Vienna. It's making me a little homesick.

    1. i know. CHEESE! i'm off to have my stitches removed tomorrow but so much better thanks.
      i'm looking forward to seeing lots more spring photos in boston!

  3. the bride's sister going into labor is such a romantic comedy moment :) glad you had a nice time!