Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a wonderful weekend in graz

so after a 2 week blogging break i'm finally back with a new hard drive in my macbook and lots of photographs to share!

a couple of weekends ago kev and i got the train to graz for 2 nights (an easy 2 and a half hour journey from vienna). its the second largest city in austria but it has much more of a town feel to it. we were lucky as the weather was glorious, so we enjoyed lots of time outside exploring and soaking up the sun. we wandered the entire inner city over the space of 3 days and loved the feel of the city. we discovered a few great places to eat too, but more of that to come!


  1. Graz is so great, isn't it?! Your beautiful photos showcase the best of it. And the food in your next post is mouthwatering.

  2. Looks so nice Kerry! Too bad we never managed to go. Cheers to more Austrian adventures.

    1. thanks dorte. cheers to new american adventures for you!