Monday, August 27, 2012

blue skies

after the craziness of budpest and sziget festival i found myself with some time to spend alone on the recent austrian public holiday. i wandered around a little in the viennese sunshine looking at buildings and the blue skies and thinking about how much i'm going to miss doing this. our adventure is so very soon coming to an end.

i decided to visit the secession. something i'd wanted to do since we moved here but somehow never found the time. i love the building so much with the beautiful gold dome and now i can say i've finally been inside and seen gustav klimts 'the beethoven frieze'.


  1. Hey, nice blog, just found it while looking for other blogs about vienna to look what other people do "blogwise" in town with the topic vienna...
    mine is or i'm also on facebook in case u like it...

    So are you actually from Brighton? Sorry if i ask, it was just nice to see some pictures of the english south coast again... i used to study in Southampton as an erasmus stutent some years back... one of the most awesome years of my life... :)

    Anyways, check out my blog, it would be my pleasure!


    1. hey m, thanks for the comment!
      and wow! i've just been over on your tumblr got hooked and looked at every single photo! i love your photography. there are some really fantastic shots!
      and yes, i am from brighton. glad you enjoyed your time in southampton! i'm looking forward to being back by the sea again but i'm really going to miss vienna. great memories. its been an incredible experience.
      sadly this blog will be coming to an end soon.... but i'm planning to start another one in brighton.

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