Sunday, August 19, 2012

sziget festival, budapest

so, the real reason we were in budapest was for the sziget festival. 5 days of festival awesomeness! it was so much fun. i loved it. the festival is on an island in the danube and it was so lovely getting the ferry up the danube each day (after a morning of sight seeing or chilling out at the apartment). we cheated a little and didn't camp but lots of people do the same because the festival is so close to central budapest.

i think i may have half destroyed 2 pairs of my favourite sandals. it was so dusty! but it was totally worth it. we saw so many bands over the 5 days. the killers, the xx, friendly fires, anna calvithe stone roses, the horrors, beardyman, glasvegas, noah and the whale, hurts, fink, to name but a few....

we ate tons of hungarian sausage and traditional breads. we danced like crazy and even saw michael eavis!


  1. I second that!! :)

    Not many thing come back in one piece and I lost my voice ever single time. Had the greatest of times.. Even the year it rained and rained and rained..

  2. You have shared really Beautiful pictures.Thanks for sharing, I must say You are really nice photographer.

  3. My brother lives in Vienna and he told me all about the sziget festival, I am also looking to visit this year.

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