Sunday, August 15, 2010

fun with friends

we've had more visitors this week! its been lovely having our friends nicola, pete and their little (and very cute) son oliver staying with us. we've had so much fun! (even though i've now been introduced to the world of the wiggles and i can't get the very catchy songs out of my head! those guys seriously know what they are doing).
i've enjoyed showing them all the sights of vienna - which i have to admit has involved rather a lot of beer and food stops (not that i'm complaining!).

on friday i was rather excited as we discovered that ottakringer do cherry beer! we stopped by at the temporary bar they currently have at rathausplatz (whilst the open air film festival is being held there). it is delicious! (but i'm yet to discover where they actually sell it other than here. i haven't noticed it in any supermarkets or bars?). i'm now on a mission to find it!
we also bought a huge cheese pretzel. i'm not normally much of a pretzel fan (i like the small crunchy ones covered in salt) but the addition of the cheese was soooo good.
(as you can see, we had already started pulling it apart before i remembered to take a picture so we tried to fit the pieces back together again - minus the bit already in my mouth!).

whilst wandering we found at the museumsquartier a new little outside summer bar called aloha. how cute! (it reminds me of the disney film lilo & stitch). i love the pink umbrellas and we couldn't resist stopping for a white wine spritzer. rude not to!

we visited café mozart on thursday as we were really hungry and it was the closest place so we thought we'd give it a try. its in a prime location in the city and so is a little touristy (and pricey) but my mixed wurst plate was yummy (its 3 different sausages, 2 different mustards, grated horseradish and a gherkin!).
(sorry the picture is blurry!)

on friday night we enjoyed a great meal at la norma. kev and i have been there a few times (and so i've mentioned it on here before) but we all fancied pizza and it didn't disappoint. i'm not sure whether it was because i had drank too many cherry beers in the day and then too much wine with dinner but i think it was one of the nicest pizzas i've eaten in ages (but in my slight drunkenness - okay probably more than slight - i forgot to take a picture. damn it!). i did however remember to take a picture of pete's dessert because it, well, what can say... looked like this......!
they are actually profiteroles but pete assured me they tasted much better than they looked. i'll take his word for it!

we started the meal off at an outside table but had to take cover inside the restaurant when a HUGE crazy storm came over vienna.
i've never seen so much lightening and it rained and rained and so we had no choice but to stay in the restaurant and drink more wine, limoncello and amaretto. what a shame! and a great way to end what had been a fantastic week.


  1. yum cherry beer! make it your mission today to find cherry beer in the supermarket. And yum yum gherkins!

  2. I haven't been at Norma yet, sounds tempting
    (sorry, but the image of those "profiteroles" made me chuckle, as I was thinking of something you'd be fined 35€, for not taking it away in a "Sackerl").

  3. ha ha. don't apologise! thats exactly what i thought about the profiteroles. we couldn't stop laughing in the restaurant!