Friday, August 27, 2010

las vegas baby!

yay, we are here! (this is the new york new york hotel by the way just in case you thought i got on the wrong plane. i like the addition of the roller coaster behind the statue of liberty!). i can't help but think the photo looks fake, like a model?

we ventured out last night but didn't go very far as after going back in time 8 hours we were all starting to lose the ability to speak and my eyes were stinging like hell! (i guess thats what you get for staying awake for over 24 hours).

we ended up at the hard rock cafe for dinner (a little cheesey i know) but it was my first ever visit to a hard rock cafe and at least it was in vegas (and not london). the burger was amazing actually but i guess i shouldn't expect anything less for a burger in america.
i went for the chipotle and guacamole burger with onions and cheese (yummy). i also got my first frozen margarita! (the first of many i hope).

we saw the lion enclosure last night in the MGM hotel. i was intrigued to see them but at the same time i don't like the idea of lions being enclosed in a hotel. and i still think its pretty odd. they are obviously extremely tame and used to human contact as there was a man inside the enclosure with them. he patted their heads like they were domestic cats which i thought was a little wrong to treat them like pets. they were 2 female lions and kev said he bets the man wouldn't be doing that if they were male!

(a statue of liberty made of jelly beans. can i eat it?!!)

so far vegas has been everything i expected it to be. crazy, ridiculous, over the top, big (like HUGE), but amazing and such a feast for the eyes. i got very excited opening the curtains this morning (or afternoon? who knows) and seeing las vegas outside and i cannot wait to get out again and get exploring. we have a whole day ahead of us!


  1. wohooo.. have fun and cheers to many more frozen margaritas :)

  2. wooo hooo! vegas is great. i'm v. jealous looking at your pics. And oh yes, i remember the frozen margaritas! And the 'all you can eat' buffets are great for the morning after too many frozen margaritas... oh, and i've never been to a hard rock cafe either!

  3. I've still never been to Vegas. But I don't think I'm much of a Vegas person. But then again, how can you not have fun there? Enjoy!