Friday, August 13, 2010


it was my birthday on saturday which coincided with pride in brighton! (my hometown in england).
the parade and party (to promote equality, bring awareness and eliminate discrimination against the gay, lesbian and bisexual communities) has been running for 18 years (so since i was 14) and i've not missed many in those 18 years. its just got bigger and bigger each year... and many say it is the best in the UK, even better than london. it always takes place on the first saturday of august and so my birthday is always very close.

our day started with bucks fizz, croissants and yummy homemade cakes at my friends house in the morning before heading out to watch the parade...
this is my friends lounge window - love it!
a birthday cake float!
check out the man in gold!
many organisations are represented at the parade including local groups, businesses and the emergency services. its an amazing day/night (but it was crazy busy) and so we headed off to the pub pretty early whilst everyone else fought through the crowds and toilet queues at preston park. i had a fab day and i feel very lucky that i got to be a part of a huge (and very important) party in the city on my birthday!
here is a picture of me doing silly dancing at the end of the night! ha ha


  1. Looks like you had fun! My mom and dad went to see the parade for the first time and loved it! And then they went to the james st street party! Funny. I'm trying to work out what pub you're in... btn tavern? p.s. love the green sandals. I've got clothes and shoes envy... haven't bought anything new for an age. boo.

  2. lots of fun! glad your mum & dad enjoyed it! and yes, its the brighton tavern (well done!).
    i'm lovin my green sandals too! a birthday purchase in jack wills AND they were in the sale. yay!

  3. Belated happy birthday!! Looks like fun...