Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the wedding party!

wow! on saturday evening kev and i attended our friends party to celebrate their recent marriage (the one which took place in cyprus). it was such an amazing party. lots of fun and dancing (and drinking!)... the atmosphere was fantastic. many of us were still up at 4.30am (including the bride and groom!). i was so happy for carrie-ann and james, they really are the most wonderful couple.

another friend of ours created a little 'marrioke' film (he filmed all the clips in cyprus in the air-conditioned hotel as it was soooo hot and sweaty outside). seeing as its on youtube, i'm guessing no one will mind me putting the link on here?! (bit late if its not). its really fun (and i'm the bridesmaid in the purple).

i'm currently relaxing at my mum's place before we fly to las vegas tomorrow. i really can't wait! we are taking our laptop so i hope to put a few pictures on here whilst we are away. but then again, i might be too busy exploring the sights of vegas and drinking frozen margaritas! bring it on!

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