Sunday, February 6, 2011

hello from sunday

a few pictures of home.... our messy shelves, and a poster i bought at the frida kahlo exhibition (back in november) that we've only just framed and put on the wall today.

so, i survived my first week of work! it was good to do something... but i wasn't so keen on the getting up to an alarm bit! (that is going to take some getting used to). work again tomorrow and i'm not feeling that old sunday dread of work on monday... so thats a good sign!

we've had a very quiet weekend at home. mostly due to the fact that we were both REALLY hungover yesterday (oohps). friday night drinks after work and then six nations rugby at the pub turned into a major drinking session and getting home at nearly 5am (visited chelsea for the first time). it was fun though! (and england won. woo!). but my highlight yesterday was eating pizza and watching 'match of the day'. today we've been cleaning and watching more football. i haven't left the apartment all weekend.

i finally did some exercise this week. i went to my first zumba class! i didn't really know what to expect but i really enjoyed it. EXERCISE and it was FUN! i went with my friend hannah and we did spend a lot of time laughing at our inability to keep up with the moves but it made the time go super fast. hopefully we will make it a regular weekly thing. it was in german but it didn't seem to matter too much. i just tried to copy everyone else!


  1. Nice frame for the poster!! Happy to hear your first week at work went well.

  2. glad you survived your first week- Sounds like a fun friday night- your shelves look great (not at all messy!) and I really love your 'new' poster!

  3. the shelf!