Wednesday, February 16, 2011

valentines day menu

kev and i had a little romantic evening in together. we cooked a meal (joint effort), drank champagne, and it was lovely! we chose a really simple and quick menu (so we didn't spend ages in the kitchen). (the pictures are not very good, i literally took really quick snaps).
we turned to jamie oliver (again) for some inspiration and made the mozzarella and chilli crostini for a simple starter (well, our take on it anyway with the produce we could buy easily).
for main we cooked beef stroganoff (and served it with basmati rice). so easy and quick to make! and of course we followed jamie's recipe here. next time i will add more paprika but it was tasty and something i've never cooked myself before.
dessert is not pictured (i kinda forgot!) but we froze some grapes and ate them with some chilli chocolate (yummy). the frozen grapes were like sorbet without having to do anything except put them in the freezer. and i'd like to say that i thought of the idea all by myself but it was (you guessed it) a jamie oliver suggestion! (see here). i'm not being paid by him, honest!

*i've been so terrible at blogging lately (well, since i started work). hopefully i'll get better at time management (and do some more interesting things)!


  1. yum! the grapes sound nice as well. Good to see kev dressed up for the occasion.... ;-)

  2. Yum- looks like a romantic and lovely meal!