Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i'm still here!

hmmm... these are the only photos i have to show for the past week (rubbish).

sooo, what have i been doing. er, working and eating lots of couscous salad? i have been doing some fun stuff too.

on friday night i went to see the king's speech (the opening night in austria) and it was BRILLIANT. i thought with all the hype surrounding it that i might be a little disappointed... but i really loved it. colin firth is SO good. he has to win the oscar (if the social network takes over at the oscars i'm going to be really rather cross. i just don't get why everyone thinks its so good? i'm obviously missing something? but i didn't see the point in making the film... and in parts its actually quite boring. anyway, rant over! ha). go and see the king's speech if you haven't already!

i met up with a lovely girl on saturday (we met through my blog!). we went to theater cafe which is just next to naschmarkt. i hadn't been before but i really liked it there. it had a nice relaxed atmosphere, simple but nice decor, and the staff were really friendly. we didn't eat but the food on other tables looked really good.

on saturday night i went out for a friends birthday to down under. it was fun! there was live acoustic music which was really good. lots of beers were drunk and we ended up in a very random late night bar called salim's where the waitress tipped a whole tray full of drinks down the front of my dress (i'm not kidding). luckily it was 4am at this point and i managed to see the funny side. we 'chair danced' lots and enjoyed people watching. the birthday girl elif heard possibly one of the funniest chat up lines ever....

random man: 'is your hair real or is it a wig?'

elif: 'it's real'

random man: 'can i touch it?'

elif: 'er, NO!'

(it went something like that anyway... memory a little hazy).

i got home at 6am on sunday morning (haven't done that in a very long time!) so as you can probably guess, i wasn't good for anything on sunday.

last night i went to see a gig at chelsea. the band azure ray were playing. it was a great night and i really enjoyed the musc (i think they are described as 'dream pop'?!). it was pretty exciting when my friend and i were sitting in a restaurant eating dinner and the band members walked in and sat down in the same restaurant! (wish i knew the name of the restaurant... i ate an awesome bread thing called 'mexico brot' - basically bread topped with bacon, peppers, sweetcorn, chilli and melted cheese. YUM. unfortunately no pictures as i forgot my camera. doh).


  1. Gürtel Bräu was where we ate before the gig :-)

  2. glad you are still around!! We've been eating lots of Quinoa as I bought a large bag- similar meals I'm thinking.

    I want to see KS soon.

  3. HA, I knew which restaurant it was because of the Mexico brot :)I like their baked breads! Sounds lovely!

  4. Did you notice there are 2 pics of you in the "Gallery" on the Salim website?