Sunday, February 27, 2011

ice skating at the rathaus

yesterday i finally got to go iceskating with sarah at the weiner eistraum! (kev refuses to skate so he stayed at home). we arrived as the sun was going down. the rathaus then becomes illuminated and it looks so beautiful (its a pretty impressive town hall!).
there are two large skating areas and then a section of ice pathways that link up. there is even a roundabout!
(there appears to be a ghostly figure in this photo!)
it was so much fun and so lovely skating in the dark with all the colourful lights and music playing. it's a shame that it ends next weekend for another year. after a very wobbly start (i haven't skated for years) i really started to improve after only an hour and a half. although i still couldn't quite master how to stop!

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  1. Wow, looks wonderful. I still haven't gone ice skating--but pretty sure Berlin doesn't have as nice a place as this!