Tuesday, May 17, 2011

monday walk to work

i didn't leave the apartment all weekend. i had a rather crazy drunken friday night out with work colleagues and got home at 7am on saturday morning... and so i wasn't really fit for anything! it was raining lots this weekend anyway and so it was nice to just relax at home and enjoy the sofa. i spent the time mostly catching up on sleep, watching the eurovision song contest (did anyone else see the song performed by moldova?! it was one of the most bizarre funny things i've seen in ages!), eating yummy chilli con carne cooked by kev for dinner, and scrambled eggs for breakfast. we also caught up on lots of tv watching.

these pictures were taken on my way to work this morning. the building poking out of the bushes in the last photo is the belvedere. the photo above it was taken looking in the other direction. there is such a contrast in landscape.


  1. Haha, Moldova was soooo cool, especially the hats were hilarious. I actually quite liked the song and in particular the girl on the bike ... =)