Monday, May 23, 2011


i can't stop eating tuna nicoise salad. addicted. we ate it twice this weekend (although you'll notice it was missing the french beans as kev forgot to buy them!).

unfortunately i wasn't feeling 100% this past weekend. kev came home from working in bulgaria with a cold and sore throat and gave it to me just in time for the weekend. great eh! so i spent a lot of time relaxing.

we enjoyed a few hours on saturday afternoon in the local park. i love reading in the shade of the trees when the weather is hot. i'm currently reading this book will save your life by a.m. homes. i'm not very far in but i'm enjoying it so far.

in the late afternoon i met up with jenny and we drank a few beers at the universitäts bräuhaus (for medicinal purposes obviously!). it's a nice spot to sit outside. they brew their own beer too!

afterwards we went to the rathaus to see all the people arriving for the life ball. it was a fantastic atmosphere. very busy but lots of fun.

then the lens on my camera broke and so i couldn't take pictures of all the amazing costumes and things going on. was not happy.

and now i can only take photos with the zoom lens that i have never used. challenging!


  1. hi!!!i love your blog!!!i m a new reader :)
    i m thinking to move in wien so it's really helpfull to read your blog and take an idea how is life there!!!:)

  2. 29: cool. i need to get reading it!

    anonymous: thanks for your comment!

    because she's perth it: thanks sweetie. i'm full of snot. nice.